The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of the Wild Tutorial, Part 1

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of the Wild is one of my favorite games. With over 100 hours of gameplay, plus over 400 hours for 100% completion, it is definitely in my top ten list of best games ever. But who cares about that right? So here you go:

First let’s just go over some basic controls that are useful to know before you start playing the game, first off, you use the left joystick to move around, and the right one to move your camera. So far these are the basic controls for pretty much any game, nest up we have jumping, press X to jump, this may seem weird at first and if you don’t like it you can change it in the settings later, but I recommend that you keep it on X, so to exit pretty much anything you can press B, and finally Press A to interact, and that is pretty much it, for things that you need to know at the start of the game, When you first boot up the game on a new account instead of going to the menu screen you will jump straight into the game When you do There will be a cutscene where Link (your character) is waking up in the shrine of resurrection after almost being killed 100 years ago, but you’ll hear more about that later, after the cutscene you will see that you are in a room with a pedastool and a currently unopenable door. Walk up to the pedastool on the left until a little message pops up near your character, it will look like the image below

So you press A to, “examine,” as this is obviously what the game wants you to do, when you do there will be a very quick cut scene during which you will receive the sheikha slate and the door will open you will then be able to see a room that looks like the image below, I have circled the two chests in red, walk up to both of these (one at a time) and press A, you will receive very worn down and beat-up pieces of clothing.

Next, you will want to put on these pieces of clothing, even though they won’t provide any protection, you still don’t want to be almost naked. So to do this you will need to press the + button which will open up your inventory, your current quests, and the save menu, so just press plus, but don’t worry about all of that now, when you press the plus button you will automatically be in your inventory and will also automatically be in the armor and clothes section because you will only have clothes in your inventory so far, so move your cursor over a piece of clothing and press A a message asking you what you want to do with this clothing will pop up, this is shown in the image below, select the Equipt button.

These clothes will literally do nothing to protect you because as you can see they each have a rating of 1, which is very bad, you can upgrade them later, but by that point, it won’t even be worth it. Well then, I guess I better teach you how to save, while your inventory is open Press the R button, then select the save button, always make sure to save before you leave your game, but keep in mind that the game does auto-save when something happens, such as you entering a shrine (we will talk about those later) or doing some other significant thing, but it is always still a good idea to save before you do something like entering an enemy camp. well anyways, there will be a different-looking pedastool in this room (already two pedastools and you are only a few minutes into the game) so walk up to it and press A again. There will be a cutscene where, where the locked door in this room opens and you will be able to go outside, climbing is kind of hard to explain so here is a short video of how to climb the rock in the way of you getting out. Also in the video, is that once you get out a cutscene will play that shows Link (I am calling him by his name now instead of your character) walking out and into the world, although not shown in the video is the end of the cutscene there will be an old man down and to the right

I hope that was useful now watch this to see what to do next, a brief summary of the next video is that, on your way down to the old man sitting next to the campfire, you will want to collect tree branches and mushrooms, when you pick up your first tree branch you will automatically be holding it, press Y to swing it and press B to sheath it, once it is sheathed you can press Y take it back out again. For now, if you want to switch weapons, head to your inventory and select the weapon you want. Press A and then select equip, oh and I guess now is a good time to tell you that you can hold in the B button to sprint, TIP: if you sprint while you are holding a weapon it will automatically be sheathed. also when you sprint or climb your stamina wheel will appear next to your character but when sprinting let go of the B button BEFORE you run out of stamina, this might seem dumb but it is more efficient, trust me on this one. So all of this happens in the video below, just so you can get a visual for what it should look like.

After you reach the old man walk up and press A to talk to him, he will tell you that it is unusual to see a stranger in these parts after you ask him who he is, he will say that he will spare you his life story he will also say that he is just an old fool who has lived here for a long time. He will then ask you why you are there. Then after you ask him where you are, He will tell you you are on the Great Plateau, the birthplace of Hyrule. He will then point towards a temple, and also tell you that it has been abandoned for 100 years. He will then say to tell him if he may be of any service. there will be a baked apple sitting next to the fire, take it and the old man will tell you that baking basic fruits over a fire will increase their nutritional value (that means that they restore more health) next you will want to keep going down the hill until you reach an old campsite with an unlit fire and an axe stuck into a stump. walk up to the axe and take it. As shown in the picture below.

then just keep going down the path until a cutscene starts, you may encounter a monster, if you want to fight it save your progress (just in case) then fight it, you can also choose to avoid it if you want, just keep going and don’t stop (but still save just in case) Even if you want to fight it but you are finding that too hard, then just keep going and avoid the monster. OK, now back to the cutscene: when it happens there will be a mysterious voice that tells you to go to the point marked on your sheikha slate, so now you can look on the bottom right at the mini-map, your character is the yellow arrow on the map, so adjust your self until your point on the map is pointing to the glowing point, you can also press the minus button to see the full map although none of it will be filled out (i will get to that later) so then just go twards the glowing point. note: as shown in the image below the point that you need to reach is that rock pile.

but there is a monster in front of it, but he has a shield so avoid the monster and try to go around him so he doesn’t notice you. go on to the top of the rock pile and jump down or any other way you want to get inside to the pedastool, once you are there walk up to the pedastool and press A, there will then be a cutscene but I won’t tell you what happens because that would ruin the fun.

OK, well hopefully you aren’t reading this before you see the towers pop out of the ground, but whatever, you will notice that the guidance stone at the top of the tower will put the information of the region onto your map so this will fill out part of your map, and this is the same way you do it for all of the regions too, you just climb the tower and place your sheikha slate in the pedastool then BOOM it’s there. after the info is put into your sheikha slate the mysterious voice will talk to you again and tell you that you have been asleep for the past 100 years. Next, you will want to go down to the bottom of the tower, NOTE: you can jump from one platform to the next without taking fall damage. When you get to the bottom the old man will tell you that towers like the one you just activated have popped up all over Hylia and, He then asks you if anything happened while you were at the tower, Now this is a long conversation so, I won’t narrate it all, but eventually, he will say that the plateau is too high in all sides to get down and that you couldn’t survive the fall, so you will need a paraglider, when you tell him that you want the paraglider he will say to follow him because he wants treasure in exchange for the paraglider, so he will show you what he wants. (this will all make sense later) once he stops walking talk to him and he will point to an orange glowing thing (aka a shrine) as shown in the picture blow.

Make your way over to the shrine and to the pedastool on the platform, press A next to it, and the shrine will open up, next walk onto the circle platform inside the shrine and press A once again. This is the basic procedure for entering a shrine. Even after you enter a shrine you can leave and come back to it later, TIP: once you enter a shrine it will show up as a point on your map, so you won’t have to worry about finding it again. Well anyways once you enter the shrine you will see this (picture below)

next walk up to the guidance stone that you see on the left. And pres A, you will receive something new called a Rune, which is basically like a power that can be used via your sheikha slate, This first one that you get will be called Magnesis, later on, you will get more, You can press L to activate your selected rune, so do this now and move your cursor to the giant metal plates on the ground when one of then turns yellow, press A, Now you will notice that if you move you right joy-stick up and down the metal plate will also move up and down same for left and right you will also notice that if you press up and down on your D-pad the object will move closer or further away. Use this new round to move the metal plate out of the way to reveal a hole jump down that hole. walk to the end of the tunnel and up the stairs, you will be in a new room that looks like this (picture below)

you will want to use your magnesis to grab the metallic block in the middle, you can use it to push the other blocks out of the way. In the next section there will be a mini guardian (looks similar to a robot spider) I recommend that you defeat it because it will be much easier this way, if you are having trouble defeating the mini guardian, it is still possible to get past this challenge just harder. TIP: knock the guardian off of the platform that will help a lot.

To get across the gap go across the metal plate to the middle platform, then move the metal plate to cover the gap between the middle and last platforms. Finally use magnesis to open the metal doors, TIP: they are pull not push. you will finally be in a room that looks like the picture below (good job, you have almost successfully completed your first shrine.)

Finally, walk up the stairs and press A to examine the forcefield (idk what it’s called) There will be a cutscene and in the end, you will receive a spirit orb and then you will automatically be transported outside of the shrine and back to the surface. when you exit you will notice that the old man is flying down on his paraglider (this is the first time that you see the paraglider) He will say that he knows that you got a spirit orb (but notice how he doesn’t ask for it) he also tells you that there are three other shrines on the great plateau and he wants the treasure from them too. press minus again and then move your cursor to the tower icon and press A, a message will appear asking what you want to do, select travel and you will be on your way. this is called fast traveling, this is useful because you can travel to a shrine or tower close to where you need to go instead of walking all the way there, But enough of that just fast travel to the tower and you will be at the top in a few seconds. when you arrive talk to the old man, he will tell you that he brought you there as a vantage point to search for shrines. but don’t do that I will mark the map in the picture below so just go straight to location 1.

So if you aren’t there already, head to location 1 there will be another shrine there go into the shrine, it should look like the image below.

Same procedure as last time, walk up to the guidance stone, and you will get the remote bomb runes, notice that you get 2 different runes, one of them just produces square bombs that don’t roll, and the other makes spherical bombs that will roll. but you don’t need to worry about that now, but now that you have more than one rune You will have to learn how to switch between them. To do this press and hold up on the D-pad, after you do this a menu will pop up, keep holding up on the D-pad, you can use the right joystick to select which rune you want to use, finally, let go of up on the D-pad while your cursor is over that rune, and that rune will be selected so you can now use it just like you did with magnesis, so now what you will want to do is walk up to the stone barrier and press R, you will instantly be holding a bomb press a to drop the bomb, so drop it next to the stone wall, TIP: make sure to stand back before you detonate the bomb IT WILL DO DAMAGE. Now to detonate the bomb press R (make sure you still have your bomb rune selected) and the wall will go BOOM BOOM, when you go into the next area take a right and blow up the stone wall, there will be a chest behind it (yes, that was all for the chest) Now go back and take the left route instead. Once you reach the end and climb up the ladder it should look like this:

what you will want to do here is place a bomb on the moving platform (don’t go on it yourself though) TIP: use the square bomb so it won’t roll off now when the platform reaches the wall, detonate your bomb, this will blow up the wall. When the platform comes back you can ride it over the gap. The next room is shown in the picture below

This next part is kind of hard to explain so I will provide a video below

After you blow up the pile you will see that there is a ladder which can now be used because the rock pile is gone, climb up this ladder to the monk at the end you will receive another spirit orb when you get out of the shrine head to location 2 that I have marked on the map. But I know you don’t want to scroll up there again so here is its:

I know you might be thinking there isn’t a shrine at point 2, but trust me just go there. when you arrive you will see the old man’s cabin, go inside and you will see a table, and on that table is 2 peppers take those, now go outside to the old man’s cooking pot, then go into your inventory to the materials page select the peppers and then select hold, next walk over to the pot when a message pops up near the bottom right of link that says “cook” press A, when it finishes cooking you get a meal, cook the other pepper the same way. Now look over to point 3 which is a shrine, it will be on a ledge on the mountain, climb up to it, using the ledges to regain stamina. TIP: there will be an unpassable gap of a bit before the cliff, chop down a tree using your wood cutter’s axe so that it falls over the gap, then walk across it. The video below shows getting across this gap

once you climb the cliff and reach the shrine, go inside, once inside, same procedure as always, just walk up to the guidance stone and get your new rune, this one is called stasis, it can be used to stop time for certain objects, later on in the game you can upgrade it to work on creatures too, but enough of that, select your stasis and wait until the spinning platform is flat then use your stasis on the gear that is spinning it. doing this will give you enough time to walk across, next is a ball dispenser watch the video below to see how to do this:

Next you will see a stationary ball, also up against the wall is a stone sledge hammer grab the hammer, activate stasis on the ball and hit it twice with your hammer, wait for the stasis to release and the ball will go flying, you can then continue on to the monk and receive your spirit orb.

when you exit continue on to point 3 after you get far enough you will notice that a message appears saying that in the colder climate high up on the mountain, you will take damage if you don’t stay warm enough, although luckily we are prepared for this, remember when we cooked those peppers earlier? well go into your inventory to your meals page and eat one of the meals that you make with a pepper this should give you a 1 rating cold resistance so you won’t take damage, if you notice that you are taking damage after a while eat the other meal.

when you reach point 4 you will be at the top of Mt. Hylia the old man will be there if you talk to him he will give you the warm doublet, as long as you are wearing a warm doublet you will have a 1 rating resistance to cold, so you can now make your way over to point 5 (trust me, getting the warm doublet will be more useful later in the game than now) when you finally reach the last shrine at point 5 go inside, Try to figure this one out your self, if you can’t look it up (if you do have to that’s sad) when you return back to the surface the old man will be there and he will tell you to head to the spot where the four shrines intersect, head to the temple of time (if you don’t know where that is, you will be able to see it on the same map with the points) once you reach the temple of time go inside and head up to the statue when you are close enough press A to pray, you will be granted either a heart container or a stamina vessel I recommend the stamina vessel. So you are basically spending four spirit orbs for a heart or more stamina. once you finish the old man will be on the roof. Get up to the roof and talk to him, There will be a cutscene where he tells you about the history of Hyrule he will then give you two quests one called Defeat Ganon and another called seek out Impa. Go to your quest log and select seek out impa if it is not already selected. A common mechanic within the game is that the glowing point will appear on your map depending on what quest you have selected, the glowing point will show up where ever you need to go next for that quest. BUT if the glowing point doesn’t show up, this means that you will have to figure out where to go yourself. The map below (you won’t have all of this map filled out) will help guide you. Start at point 1 follow the red lime to point 2 where you will climb and unlock the tower then keep following the line to point 3. TIP: the blue symbols are towers. TIP 2: when you reach dueling peaks don’t climb over them just go through the giant crevasse in the center.

TIP: stop and open the shrine in the village so you can travel back to it later. Once you reach the village head to the glowing point. You will meet Impa and she will tell you more about the divine beasts and their role in defeating Calamity Ganon. TIP: If she tells you to come back when you are ready to risk your life, just talk to her again. She will then give you the quest called Locked Momentos, I will provide another map below on how to get there. Remember you will be at point 1. TIP: stop at point 2 to unlock the tower that is there. Point 3 Is where you will end up in the end. Once you reach the village head to the glowing point as before.

Once you are at the ancient tech lab go to the back and talk to the man looking at the books. He will tell you that you are missing a basic rune. He will also tell you that he is not the director of the lab and that Purah is. when you go to talk to Purah she will tell you that she can give you the missing rune but it will come with a price. This price is that you have to light the ancient furnace outside the tech lab. So if you don’t have a torch, you will need one, you can find a torch leaning against a wall in the lab. Head to the quest marker on your map (I don’t like saying glowing point) now take out your torch and swing it at the flame this will light your torch. now make your way back up to the tech lab (don’t sprint while holding the torch, trust me) Now you can swing the torch at the ancient furnace and it should catch fire. The game will tell you that the tech lab is now registered as a travel gate, meaning that you can fast travel to the tech lab. Now you head in and talk to Purah again and you will get the Camera rune. Now you can head back to the shrine in Karikino village. Then go back to talk to Impa, she will tell you that this was the sheikha slate that Zelda used. She will also say that if you go to the places shown in the pictures you (or rather link) might be able to recover some of his memories. If you really want you can go and get all of those memories right now. But that’s tedious and is much easier to do later in the game. You will also get the quest called free the divine beasts, so you can select that quest and be on your way. Since there are four parts of this quest I HIGHLY recommend that you head to the one on the bottom left of your map first. When you get to Gerudo town where the glowing point is, if you try to enter the town you will get kicked out since only girls are allowed (why can’t anything be easy?) So if you talk to the man standing outside the shrine he will tell you, that he has heard of a man who is sneaking into Gerudo town. And according to him, this man travels frequently between Gerudo town and KaraKaraBazar. So this means that you have to travel to KaraKaraBazar. The easiest way to do this is to follow the path from Gerudo town. You can tell where the path is by looking at your minimap, it will be the small beige-ish line. So just follow the path directly away from Gerudo town and you will eventually make it there. First, make sure it is day time, then climb up to the top of the big rock on top of the inn. The “woman” will be on the top and you can buy the clothes from him for 600 rupees. NOTE: when you get an option to tell him something, tell him that he is very beautiful; otherwise he won’t sell you the clothes. Now if you wear the full set of clothes that he gave you you will be able to enter Gerudo Town. NOTE: You will have to wear the clothes the whole time that you are there. head to the glowing point and talk to the Gerudo Cheif. She will tell you that if you want to get inside the divine beast, then you will need to prove your worth. She will also tell you that to prove your worth, you must retrieve the Gerudo royal family’s stolen Heirloom. She will then tell you to head over to the barracs, and talk to the soldiers for more info. So (you guessed it) head to the glowing point and talk to the Gerudo war chief. She will tell you that the Yigga clan stole the Thunder helm (that’s the heirloom) A new glowing point will appear. Now before you go and try to raid the Yigga clan base you will need a few things. First, head to Karikino village and buy the stealth gear from the clothing shop. Then all you will need is a shield (it doesn’t matter what shield) Fast travel back to Gerudo town but instead of going inside the town, just keep going past the entrance. Equipt you stealth gear and sneak up to one of the sand seals (Picture is shown below) then press A once you are close enough, and you will start riding it (Or, following it really) Or if you don’t want to catch a sand seal your self, then feel free to rent one, on the left side of town.

The whole reason we got the sand seal is to make your journey across the desert faster. But the stealth gear has another purpose in this quest other than catching sand seals. Now you will need to head to the glowing point. NOTE when you are on your way to the point, some Yigga clan Foot soldiers will appear and try to kill you. These soldiers are easy to defeat and will drop a Duplux bow. when you enter the room it may not look like much, but if you take a torch and light it with one of the fires, you can light the banners on fire. Behind one of them is a secret entrance. If you walk through the entrance You will enter the Yigga clan hideout. But before you enter, Save your game just in case (you will probably fail) When you are in the Yigga clan hideout equipt your stealth gear, this will make it harder for the guards to hear you. Just keep progressing through the hideout until you reach a room where the only way out, is the way you came. In this room, if you activate your magnesis, you will notice that there are chests you can pull out of the ground. you can take these but it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t. You can also use magnesis to open a secret door in that same room. When you do on the other side of the door there will be a huge open space. Before you go out there I will warn you, that, there is a boss battle. This battle is very easy, and all you need is about 25 arrows and a few weapons. So you should have all that in your inventory. If you don’t then you will need to get that. NOTE if you don’t miss any of your bow shots then you could probably do it with 8-10 arrows. When you walk out, Master Kohga will talk to you, and then he will realize that you are the person he has been trying to kill. In the first stage of the boss fight, he will summon a boulder every once and a while, when he does summon a boulder, shoot him with an arrow so before he launches it, so he will lose concentration and drop it on his own head. This will knock him out for a few seconds giving you enough time to run up to him and get a few hits in. Keep repeating this process until he jumps up and then hovers above the giant pit in the middle. Now, this is stage two it is pretty similar to the first stage except this time there will be two boulders. if you time your shot correctly, one of the boulders will fall on his head and he will be knocked to the ground where you can easily hit him. once he reaches the final stage three, he will summon a huge spiky ball. Since this ball is metal you can use magnesis to take control of the ball for yourself. and hit him with it. This will knock him to the ground so you can hit him again. After he is finally almost defeated but still has some HP left, He will create a MASSIVE spike ball but you don’t have to do anything because it will roll backward and hit him instead of you. Now that he is finally defeated a chest will appear and you will get the Thunder Helm. Now before you leave, go back inside to the last room before the boss and take the duplex bow. Go back to Gerudo village and give the thunder helm to Riju. She will tell you to go to the outpost ( I forgot what it’s called) when you are ready to confront Vah Naboris. ( the outposts is marked by the glowing point) This part is pretty easy especially if you have the duplex bow. When you get there go up the HUGE ladder and talk to Riju. Before you confront Vah Naboris you will be let a sand seal to ride, and also twenty bomb arrows. you will need to stay as close to Riju as you can because you will be struck by Naboris’s lighting if you don’t. when you get close enough to the feet use your duplex bow and hit the glowing purple parts. The reason you want to use the duplex bow is because, each foot takes two hits from a bomb arrow to take it down, and the duplex bow fires two arrows at once. (yay!!) When you take out all of the legs, there will be a quick cutscene where you run up into Vah Naboris. when you enter you will have Naboris registered as a travel point.

Vah Naboris

Ubrosa will also tell you to make your way to the terminal to get a map of the divine beast. When you do this, you will notice a map of the divine beast appears where the mini-map would normally be. The next part is tricky to explain with words so ill give you the basic rundown and you can use this for a more in-depth tutorial: But basically what you need to do is activate all five of the terminals inside Vah Naboris. You do this by solving puzzles to reach the terminals. After you’ve activated all of the terminals, you need to head to the main terminal in the center of Vah Naboris. I will warn you this will activate a boss fight, you have as many tries as you want so don’t expect to nail it on your first time. I will tell you the best battle strategy that I have found. You will need a few shields for this method, also practice using ZL to target enemies, this can be practiced at the Ta’loh Naeg shrine. Once you have completed that shrine at least once, and have a few shields and anything else you need. Fast travel back to Naboris. TIP: try cooking a shock resistance meal, it will really help. When you start the boss fight Thunderblight Gannon will appear.


Right, when it starts pull out your shield and target Thunderblight with ZL (hopefully you practiced that). After a few seconds, he will blur and start moving really fast. Stay still and keep holding ZL. When he gets to you DON’T parry with your shield just keep standing there. When he hits your shield the force will stun him. And the second he gets stunned start whacking him with your weapon (A shortsword works best) He will deflect your hits with his shield, but each hit will break his shield a little bit. it will take 2-3 hits to fully break his shield. When his shield breaks, keep hitting, this will reduce his health, after a few hits, he will get stunned fully and fly backward, run over to him and keep hitting to deal more damage. He will eventually get back up, this is when you run, he will then hurl a few electro balls at you, these are easily avoidable. Repeat the process from step one until his health is reduced to half. He will then enter his second powered-up stage, this is obviously harder than the first stage. In this stage at the very beginning, he will summon metal spikes that will smash into the ground, as long as you keep moving they won’t hit you after one has been there for a few seconds it will get struck by lightning. what you need to do is use magnesis to lift one of these spikes to underneath Thunderblight, when the lightning strikes it will hit him instead, This will stun him, giving you yet another chance to land some hits. The next part isn’t very clear but if you have electric resistance it’s practically the same as the first phase. When you defeat Thunderblight you will receive a Heart container. Walk over to the main terminal and activate it. If you activate the terminal you won’t be able to access the divine beast again, so make sure you’ve gotten all the chests and loot inside vah naboris first. Anyways, after you activate the terminal there will be a cutscene, in whch you will recieve a special power called “ubrosa’s fury.” This power can be used to strike lightning to any monsters in a certain area you can activate this power by taking out your weapon and hold the “Y” button on your controller. This will charge your weapon, let go of “Y” to release the power striking any monster inside the sphere with lightning. This power can only be used three times (maybe four times) before needing to take time to recharge. If you want to use regular charged attacks you can disable Ubrosa’s fury by, heading to your inventory and going to the key items section select ubrosa’s fury (looks like a yellow orb with a camel symbol) then select disable. It can be turned on again at any time by pressing, enable. Head back to Gerudo village and go to the chief’s throne (not a actual throne) and there should be to chests on the left with your reward (a special sword and shield) Thus concludes Divine beast Vah Naboris.

The next divine beast is Vah Medoh. Head to the quests tab in your inventory and select free the Divine beasts There should now only be Three points of interest on your map considering that you’ve already completed one of the divine beasts. Head towards the point in the north-west corner of the map (WIP)